All crazy about cake design, a video with over one million views

Milan, 27 February 2017

Around the world the film published on its social channels by our director, the maître chocolatier world champion Davide Comaschi, filmed while decorating a birthday cake.

What would be like a birthday without a nice cake? Davide Comaschi, World Chocolate Master ™ 2013 and director of the Chocolate Academy ™ Center Milano must have thought of it, when he decided to make a special cake - strictly chocolate - with a handmade decoration to celebrate the birthday of one of the young collaborators of the highly specialized school, Marta.

With the safety of those who work in the pastry shop for a lifetime and the skill of those who manage to build sculptures of more than two meters, in less than a minute Comaschi designs with white chocolate and a sac à poche a classic cake decoration : the lines are intertwined in a millimetric way, the scene is taken by the same Marta and the video is published on the Instagram and Facebook profiles of Davide Comaschi on Friday 23rd February.

In an unexpected way and in a very short time the video becomes viral and goes around the world: it is viewed by over a million people on social media; on Instagram is saved over 8 thousand times, 23.770 users decide to dedicate a "heart" (the old "Like") over 600 comment him complimenting in Italian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish and Arabic . The compliments were followed by many private requests, which went from pastry advice to marriage requests.
On Facebook more than 3500 people decide to post the video on their bulletin boards, sharing it; "I like", "Cuoricini" and "Wow" are over 3,000; the video in 4 days was seen for almost 190,000 minutes, more than 4 months.

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