The largest panettone


The chocolate version proposed by Davide Comaschi surprised the Milanese public with a size of 332.20 kg, with a diameter of 115 cm and a height of 150 cm, and for the design of the decorations dedicated to the city of Milan and the delicious taste of dough and filling.
The World Guinness Record was achieved after a hundred hours of processing, with a team of six pastry professionals who used 49,500 grams of flour, 37,800 grams of butter, 25,200 grams of sugar, 25,000 grams of dark chocolate, 22,500 gr of raisins, 22,500 grams of candied orange, 22.500 g water, 18.000 g egg yolks, 15.000 g cream, 7.000 g of precious Ruby chocolate - naturally pink chocolate, 5.100 g honey, 2.000 g white chocolate, 810 g salt, 540 g natural orange flavor, 360 g natural lemon flavor, 225 g gr vanilla.