Chocolate with a touch of gold to make Xmas festive and memorable

Xmas is one of our favorite times of year. It’s a time of slowing down, taking time to reflect and share wonderful delights with your close ones. To make this Xmas special, master chocolatier Davide Comaschi created a series of unique chocolate delights – each piece meticulously handcrafted – made as a perfect gift or to be shared in good company. Discover our Christmas collection.

Our Xmas balls: perfect for giving, sharing and savouring

Our Xmas balls are elegant and shaped in warm and vivid colors. Beautiful to look at, to give as a present, to decorate the table… and, at the end of the dinner, to crack them – piñata style – and to share them with friends.

O Xmas tree! A surprising design in delicious chocolate

We turned the Xmas icon pine tree into an elegant small showpiece with a unique design. Finished with precious touches of gold and made from a wide selection of chocolates to choose from – milk, dark, white, caramel and ruby chocolate – you can find something for everyone’s taste in our Xmas tree collection.

Galaxy Xmas ‘made in Italy’

We’ve created a limited edition Galaxy bonbon for Xmas. Its inspiration comes from the traditional Italian Christmas ‘dolce’ the Panettone.

The master chocolatier Davide Comaschi has been able to sublimate the flavors of the Pannetone into the filling of the chocolate. You’ll discover the harmonious flavors of candied oranges, raisins, vanilla and butter, finished with the classic Christmas colors: gold and red.

Galaxy Xmas tree: a design treat that tastes extraterrestrial

From the Galaxy collection comes the inspiration for this chocolate tree with clean and geometric shapes. Made in high-quality chocolate, it’s an object of beauty to keep to yourself or give away as a tasty treat.

Xmas chocolate bar

Don’t wait until xmas to spoil yourself with wonderful chocolate tastes. Our xmas chocolate bars are here to bring you and your loved ones joy, as they are made out of 100% chocolate. Give yourself or your friends a moment of architectural sweetness.

Santa’s Xmas hat

Master chocolatier Davide Comaschi took another Xmas icon and gave it a make-over to fit a modern design. The taste: traditionally good chocolate. The looks: surprisingly different. All the pieces of our collection are handcrafted taking care of every single detail to make them even more precious.