Our bars & tablets, explore the ritual of tasting

Our ritual bars: how to taste chocolate

To taste chocolate correctly, take a moment to relax, break the bar, take a piece and heat it between your fingers, bring it to your nose and feel the scents it emanates. Now place it on your tongue and let it melt slowly without chewing. Let yourself be overwhelmed by all the aromatic notes it develops while melting.

The sensations and persistence of good chocolate will accompany you for a long time even after tasting.

The essence of good chocolate

The quality of a good chocolate depends undoubtedly on the quality of the cocoa beans selected and on the way they’ve been processed. We balance the taste of our chocolate between bitterness and sweet notes, allowing all fruity flavors to speak and achieve a beautiful complexity of aromas. The added value lies in the experience and skill of the chocolatier.

Unique pairings

Snacking becomes an extra-ordinary sensation with our dragees. They combine quality chocolate with surprising ingredients to bring contrast and elevate the taste experience. All our dragees are home-made, based on natural ingredients, and using the skill of the chocolatier to obtain the perfect gloss. Who can resist?