Our bonbons, an explosion of taste in every bite.

Our bonbons have been designed and created to surprise and to create an explosion on the palate. With a unique, extra-ordinary design at the base, each bonbon shape has been developed to release the flavors and sensations in a unique way. Inside, you’ll discover a concentrate of flavors and emotions. Each of our bonbons has been created to turn every degustation into an exceptional event. Discover the harmony.

Carati Collection

An elegant and innovative chocolate shape in fifteen different flavours to satisfy everyone’s taste.

The shape of the bonbons in the Carati collection are taken from an iconic bonbon by Davide Comaschi: the Galaxy of the Triangle bonbon, which led him to victory at the World Chocolate Masters ™ in Paris. It is a chocolate as elegant as a jewel, with an innovative shape and design. Today it is available in fifteen different flavours divided into three collections, the result of refined tasting combinations.


These precious chocolates are on sale in the Da Vittorio Selection shops and online.

Abyss collection

When chocolate meets architecture: 
taste shapes form – form shapes taste.

The Abyss line merges high quality chocolate and design: architectural lines and volumes give shape and expression to a refined bonbon that captures different fillings for unforgettable sensations.

Their lines take inspiration from the depths of the seabed, drawing unusual lines in the world of chocolate with the aim of surprising and arousing curiosity. Flavours are perfectly combined with different textures to slowly melt in the mouth and release their unique harmonies.