Our profession is one of the most beautiful in the world. Living with that idea is extremely fulfilling.

“The most beautiful part of my job, is in the way I can connect emotions to reality and to contemplate it. The way I work reflects my care and dedication for details.”

Design & Architecture

Davide Comaschi’s desserts take shape from the passion for design and architectural forms. The extremely abstract and clean shapes contain equally surprising, balanced and refined flavors.


His style is marked by abstract and geometric shapes. It was shaped by Davide participating in the World Chocolate Masters™ world championship with the theme ‘the architecture of taste’. 

Reminiscent of that exploration and still a common thread in Davide’s work is the use of the triangle. A signature shape that has contributed to characterize his style.

Extreme attention to hygiene and care

A strong conviction determines Davide Comaschi’s way of working: You have to work in a clean and orderly way.

Only from a harmonious and organized environment you can have great ideas and excellent products. This is also a form of respect of the professional to his customers and everyone who wants to enjoy our creations.

Balance and harmony of flavors

A key factor for the success of our products lies in its guarantee to a perfect harmony between flavours, aromas and textures. All our chocolate products are the results of a meticulous study, requiring a lot of technique and knowledge of ingredients and balancing pairings. Our work is comparable to the profession of a perfumer: you need to keep what’s essential and build flavor notes in such a way that they create a mood, an atmosphere or a state of mind that is experienced with all your senses.