Being pastry chef is a lifestyle.
A full-time dedication.

“For me, being a pastry chef is not a job but a lifestyle, what I love most is being able to work an ingredient such as chocolate and transform it into a unique product in order to make the people who taste it happy”

Davide Comaschi – chocolate designer

Our chocolate pastry: the epitome of our 2 passions

“Chocolate must be enjoyed throughout the year. For this reason I develop chocolate dessert recipes that adapt to all seasons.”

Our chocolate pastry has given us the opportunity to combine our interest and passion for both. Inspired by the rhythm of the seasons, we always try to reinvent chocolate pastry. To be a light and refreshing sensation in spring and summer. Or to be comforting and rewarding during the autumn and the long winter.

A young team that grows with every new creation made

Davide’s goal is to elevate the pastry sector by stimulating young talent, just like he experienced when he took the first steps in this profession. For this reason he involves his team in the ideation of new products, in the development of new techniques and in the tasting. Master chocolatier Davide Comaschi always pursues to pass on his knowledge and learning from others.