Being world champion …

“Becoming world champion is not an arrival, but a starting point”. 

Participating in World Chocolate Masters™ has allowed Davide Comaschi to getting connect with the top league of professionals worldwide. The experience in this competition has enriched him throughout his hard work and training path.

World Chocolate Masters™

World Chocolate Masters™ was created with the aim of giving a place of honor to talented artisans. It is the most prestigious world championship in the field of chocolate art.

Among culinary chocolate competitions, it is probably the most challenging one and focuses on the individual skills of each contestant. Every edition, it brings more than twenty finalists from all over the world together to convince a jury of top professionals with their creative work.

Before stepping into the final, each finalist has already won a regional and national preselection as only one chocolatier per country can compete in the World Chocolate Masters™. Each edition, a theme is given by the jury and applicants must produce two artistic pieces as well as a cake, two chocolate recipes and a gourmet dessert on a specific concept (all made of chocolate of course). 

Winning World Chocolate Masters™

All results must be made from scratch and completed in 11 hours of work, divided over two days, after which a jury of 20 accoladed pastry chefs and master chocolatiers evaluate their ideas. The set of criteria that apply takes many things into account: taste, looks, degree of artistry, level of technical difficulty and professional organisation during work.

Davide Comaschi won the final of the World Chocolate Masters 2013, which became a pivotal moment in his career. Winning this world championship meant international recognition of his personal views, style and creative approach. Until today, Davide uses his experience and his connections with top pastry chefs to challenge himself. For him, this was a starting point:

“Winning the hearts of your customers is what really counts. And that means you have to win that competition every day.”