A special Easter with high-quality and design chocolate

Easter is one of those moments of the year when chocolate becomes the main protagonist of gifts. It is a good time to enjoy chocolate in its purity.

Make this Easter special with our tasteful and design creations and discover the surprise present within each creation! Discover our Easter collection!

Milk chocolate and delicious praliné filling

A milk chocolate egg with a velvety and creamy taste.

The master chocolatier Davide Comaschi has been able to combine the soft taste of chocolate with geometric design shapes. The base filled with praliné will make the moment of tasting even richer and the gift even more precious. Discover the surprise inside the egg and let the chocolate melt slowly while you taste it!

Caramel chocolate and delicious praliné filling

We have transformed the traditional Easter icon chocolate egg into an elegant display piece with a unique design. Handcrafted with a selection of chocolate able to satisfy everyone’s palates and taking care of every single detail. Taste the Easter Egg  in this version with delicious caramel chocolate, with a rich base filled with almond and hazelnut praliné.

Dark chocolate and delicious praliné filling

The dark chocolate egg version, created to satisfy the most demanding palates. For all people who like to feel the intense taste of dark chocolate as it melts in tasting. This is undoubtedly a design Easter egg and certainly with a great taste.

Design bunny!

Don’t wait until Easter to indulge yourself with the wonderful taste of chocolate. Our chocolate Easter bunnies are here to bring you and your loved ones into the most chocolaty atmosphere of the year.

100% chocolate. The bunnies are available in two variations, one with caramel chocolate and one with Ruby chocolate. Give yourself and your friends a moment of fun sweetness. Crack them to discover the tasty surprise inside