Chocolate delights to make Christmas festive and memorable

Xmas is one of our favorite times of the year. It’s a time to slow down, take time to reflect and share wonderful delights with your loved ones. To make this Xmas special, Davide has created a series of unique chocolate delights – each piece meticulously handcrafted and decorated by hand – that can be a perfect gift or can be shared in good company. Discover our Christmas collection!

Chocolate Christmas tree

We turned the Xmas icon pine tree into an elegant small showpiece with a unique design. Handcrafted, it is inspired by the Christmas novel A Chrismas Carol. Available in dark, milk or caramel chocolate.

Our Christmas balls: perfect for giving, sharing and savouring

Our Xmas balls are elegant and declined in warm and vivid colors. Beautiful to look at, to give as present, to decorate the table … and, of course, at the end of the dinner, to crack them – piñata style – and to indulge into with friends.

Our artisan Panettone: once tasted impossible to forget!

Our handcrafted decorated panettone is the result of a combination of top-quality ingredients and technical knowledge. Made strictly with only natural yeast, we have made them even more delicious with a chocolate coating. To contain such a sophisticated panettone, we thought of enclosing it inside a gift box, meticulously handmade and completely in chocolate

Choco Elf Christmas Tree

We created a cute and delicious Christmas tree in chocolate. The Choco Elf Christmas Tree will make your Christmas even more magical. These cute Santa’s helpers are made of white chocolate with a warm, creamy flavour. Available in three colours.